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UCC is a Logistics Services company that seeks to increase our customers value chain through a wide range of maritime, land and multimodal transport solutions. Accompanied by complete support in documentary services before customs and others associated with imports and exports.


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"As a produce supply chain specialist, UCC Logistics partners with grower-shippers, distributors, and retailers to provide third-party logistics services, utilizing the expertise of dedicated logistics professionals to execute proven processes"


12 years working as a freight forwarder and more than 50 years of experience in the industry. UCC began because of the ongoing necessity of the Cherry and Apple growers were facing in Chile when delivering their products. They would spend far too much time and effort in finding a way to deliver their produce at a Safe, efficient, and low cost. So UCC partnered with the growers to find what was most important to them and helped them to resolve their logistics needs all under one roof. Letting them focus on their main business, which is producing and selling produce. 
UCC logistics was established after recognizing the need for a higher level of service in transporting, handling, and distributing the fresh produce goods

We continue evolving as a proven freight forwarding leader, focusing on the fresh produce and perishables trade. It is our mission to Help Others Succeed! We work with the finest growers worldwide with good agricultural practices. Food safety and traceability.



Customer First.  Our top priority is understanding and anticipating the needs of our customers.


We know our client’s success is our success, thats why our dedication to our clients' success drives everything we do


We know the importance of delivering cargo fast, with no mistakes and at a fair price.


We like to think of ourselves as problem solvers and think outside the box to improve or find new solutions.

UCC Logistics Values


A close-knit, committed team, expert in their respective areas, collaborating and constantly learning from the experiences of our clients and colleagues across countries.​

UCC Logistics Team

We want to highlight our personalized customer service. We are freight forwarders who care and understand our customers’ business to the extent that we consider them partners.

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We specialize in timesensitive cargo that must be monitored at all times, so it won’t lose its cold chain.

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We understand the importance of cargo arriving at the destination as fresh as possible. We have 12
years of experience exporting and importing cargo internationally; we specialize in produce and general
refrigerated cargo.

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